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   The Purpose and Mission Statement of Unity On A Mission is to Encourage and Equip the Unified Body Of Christ to Execute The Great Commission of Jesus Christ to the Nations.

   Here at Unity on a Mission, we believe that all people are precious and valuable. Created by a Holy God, to fulfill a unique purpose. While we are not perfect, and everyone has made mistakes, we make it our mission to reach out to those who are facing the reality of bad choices, tragedy, rejection by society and hopelessness of recovery.


    We believe that the answer is Jesus Christ, who is the hope of the world. Our goals are to help restore those fallen individuals back to productive pure driven lives, through love and practical applications of biblical teachings. As well as help them to develop a  personal  relationship with Jesus Christ.


   With patience, diligence and discipleship, we intend to reach as many souls as possible. Our hope is to show the life giving, restoring power of the Holy Spirit, to those lost and living in a dying world. While giving all the honor and glory to whom it is due, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

We're Celebrating 13 years!

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