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Farm to Table

" Keep on Truckin'" 

The Farm to Table Series tells a story of a young woman from Las Vegas named Roxanne Shunk who has learned how to overcome many obstacles in a man’s dominated world of trucking. Her story will take you on a wild ride of ups and downs, twists and turns, and everything it took to beat the odds. “Rock” has succeeded despite many looming obstacles in her life over several decades, starting with a less than ideal childhood which caused her to grow up faster than most people have to. Rock’s story centers on how she has survived over the decades in the trucking industry and actually has thrived as she grew from a disadvantaged girl from Vegas, to raising a family on a farm in Florida, and ultimately to her God-given mission in northeast Georgia. Her life’s work has culminated in, of all places, her dining room table as she has assumed the role of mentor, teacher, pastor, and businesswoman - dealing with the largest trucking companies in the country. So take a ride with Rock in the series -  which will enhance your knowledge of not only trucking, but several other spiritual topics which are amazing, intriguing, and downright off -the-wall at times. Be prepared for laughs, tears, and lessons.

This is a story you don't want to miss out on reading. 

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